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AVer Announces the CAM130: 4K Camera with Intelligent Built-in Fill Lighting

Compact 4K Camera Perfect For Huddle Rooms and Remote Work
Fremont, CA – March 2, 2021

AVer Information Inc. USA, an award-winning provider of education technology and video collaboration solutions, announced today the launch of the CAM130, a USB conference camera solution with a built-in microphone for today’s virtual communicators, perfect for huddle rooms, phonebooth rooms, and those who work from home. The CAM130 is the first of AVer’s new series of solutions which include built-in fill lighting.

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"Our built-in fill lighting is an intuitive, innovative, and much-needed feature for any business professional utilizing virtual meeting spaces,"

said Carl Harvell, Director of Product Marketing for AVer USA.

"AVer is at the forefront of technology and this is the first of many cutting-edge devices we will bring to the marketplace in 2021."

Brighten your life and virtual workspace with revolutionary intelligent fill-in lighting. Declutter your desk and eliminate additional bulky light rings or light cubes with the perfect amount of professional lighting to illuminate your workspace. The CAM130 automatically adjusts brightness and memorizes preferences to present you in your best light. Users can manually adjust the color temperature and light level with simple buttons on the back of the camera, AVer remote control (separately purchased), or through AVer free PTZApp 2.

The CAM130 packs a full suite of professional features into a simple, portable device. High-quality sensors and multi-lens glass produce super-sharp 4K video with brilliant color. Built-in unidirectional microphone, USB plug-and-play, and 4X Digital Zoom allow for easy meeting set up and use. Keep meetings safe and efficient with AVer's improved SmartFrame. Next-generation facial and body detection ensures everyone is visible on the screen, even with masks on.

Compact and versatile, the CAM130 is perfect for traveling and remote team members. The CAM130 easily mounts on top of a 13-inch monitor, tripod, desk stand, or even upside down to fit a variety of meeting spaces. Dual FOV allows you to pick from 90° or 120° FOV for full room coverage of any workspace, while the privacy shutter allows for peace of mind while the camera is not in use.

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