AVer Video Conferencing Solutions

Meeting collaboration made easy and affordable

Built for group video conferencing.

Built for everyday collaboration.

Built to be lag-free, reliable, smooth and clear.

Built so every unit is affordable, yet awesome.

Whether upgrading from Skype or extending your video infrastructure; whether practicing
business or teaching business theory; whether needing a simple endpoint or
demanding a high-quality video experience, one thing users can
agree on is an AVer EVC in their meeting room.

All hands meeting hosted by EVC

Bring everyone together through the EVC300 or EVC900 to connect up to 4 or 10 parties at once, and share real-time HD content. Have everything under your control with no need to pay cloud service subscriptions or worry about spotty web-based services.

Looks, feels and works like you spent a bundle
(but you didn’t).

Offering unbeatable value, the EVC includes a well-designed camera, echo-free microphone array, and a reliable codec for sparkling
lag-free HD video.

DIY simple.

Simply plug in the 6 included cables, position the camera/
microphone, open firewall ports, and that's just about it.

So easy-to-use even the bigwigs can do it.

Nothing is worse than a learning curve on a time crunch. With the EVC’s remote and on-screen guide, making and receiving video calls are as easy as point, click, share, done.

Slides real-time presentations, videos and images right into your conversation.

Exploding growth chart? New promo video? See the “wows” as you present. It’s also real-time, which means that your victory dance, as well as your killer video, will never miss a beat.

Automatically works with…

… H.323 room systems (i.e. Polycom, Lifesize, AVer), SIP devices*, as well as cloud-bridging services like BlueJeans, Zoom & Chorus Call (so people on phones, laptops and tablets can join in).
*need to check AVer SIP compatibility list

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Small and Medium Businesses upgrade speakerphones and web-based video conferencing solutions to professional, lag-free, video communication
between remote offices.


Enterprise Businesses couple their existing hardware infrastructure and/or cloud video service like BlueJeans, Zoom, Chorus Call and Fuzebox with EVCs so that every meeting, huddle and secondary conference room is video enabled.


Colleges and universities needing a lower H.323 option that easily integrates with their A/V control or media carts and podiums turn to EVC for fueling their distance learning and virtual collaboration initiatives.


Law offices wanting to virtually conduct and record depositions, as well as increase billable hours by reducing travel, count on the simplicity-of-use, HD quality video and ability to record meetings of the EVC130s.


Medical offices love the EVC’s ability to share PowerPoints or realtime medical material while on video, so doctors, nurses and staff across cities and countries can meet virtually for continual training, professional development and collaboration.


Firehouses from station to station count on the high quality, lag-free video of the EVCs for briefings, collaboration and training.

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