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Classroom video conferencing helps teachers engage students

Global Schools of Silicon Valley uses AVer solutions to collaborate
with NASA's Challenger Learning Center.

updated: April 30, 2011

Keeping kids interested in learning has always been a goal of educators, and educational technology has always been a key piece in engaging this generation's digital natives. Today, video conferencing has emerged as an innovative tool for education by transforming the way instructors engage their students.

We'd like to share with you how HD video conferencing solutions from AVer can transform the classroom environment and truly inspire kids to enjoy learning. By providing access to new resources and experiences, everything from virtual field trips to cross-country collaboration now becomes a reality through teleconference!

Let's see how Global Schools uses AVer video conferencing to energize students about math and science, as featured on NBC.

Kids fired up? A live project with a real NASA scientist? Curriculums coming alive? Just imagine what you can achieve with video conferencing solutions from AVer. Our H-series systems are budget-friendly, E-rate approved, and come backed by the industry's best warranty, making them affordable AND reliable.