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AVer Video Conferencing for Education

AVer's video conferencing solutions can be easily implemented in any subject of study in
higher education for inter-department collaboration, access to outside experts or expanding
the classroom size. Here are a few examples of high-impact
applications in various departments:

video conferencing applications

Video Conferencing for K-12 and Higher Education

The ultimate goal of educating our youth is to prepare students for the real world by building an engaging experience that exposes them to industry experts, new concepts, collaborative projects and challenging environments.

AVer strives to facilitate this by offering video conferencing solutions perfect for the higher education setting. Connecting your campus with an AVer system is a simple yet effective way to access new content, create an impactful and state-of-the art learning environment while getting the most for your technology budget.

HQ and Branch Office Communication

Staff meetings and Professional Development

Students are not the only ones who can benefit from video conferencing in a higher education setting. Implementing video conferencing at your institution can aid in providing expanded professional development opportunities as well as streamlining
staff meetings.

Existing Video Communication Expansion

Lecture and Lesson Recording

Capture lesson material in full HD quality with incredible flexibility
of playback options including layout changing and recording content sharing from a document camera or laptop.

Partner & Client Communication

Student Collaboration

Encourage engagement and more active participation in the learning environment. Stimulating genuine dialogue between students on projects, research and discussions increases collaboration as well as an exciting, more dynamic learning experience.

HR Training & Continued Education

Virtual Field Trips

Take your students on adventures around the world without leaving the classroom. (No buses, lunches or chaperones needed!). Many organizations provide virtual field trip programs and classes for Kindergarten through Higher Education. Check out CILC.org to browse their catalog of thousands of free and paid programs.

HR Training & Continued Education

Guest Speakers and Industry Experts

Bring in more guest speakers and industry experts without the cost of time and travel! Expose your students to high quality content and real-world experts and applications with video conferencing.


Provosts / CIOs
If you are looking to attract more students with state of the art facilities, adding AVer's video conferencing to your institution is the perfect way to expand your current educational offerings without extensive investment.
Purchasing Departments / Media Centers
Are you looking for a powerful yet economical video conferencing solution that is easy to install, easy to train on and easy to use? Look no further, AVer's video conferencing solutions provide the all-in-one box, portable and surprisingly stress-free experience.
Professors / Instructors
Adding video conferencing to your curriculum is an easy way to expand your access to learning resources. Easily invite guest speakers for real-world advice and experience for your students or record your lessons to post online for review.
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