AVerVision U15 Document Camera

“Ready for action”
  • True 30fps at 1080p (HD)
  • FlexArm (Gooseneck)
  • 8x digital zoom
  • Built-in auto focus
  • Integrated LED lights
  • Webcam friendly design
  • AVer A+ Software Suite
U15 USB Document Camera
  • U15 Document Camera

Vividly smooth motion in HD, all the essentials - and a great price? The USB powered U15 is the perfect first document camera to replace your overhead projector, scanner - and even your web camera.

20/20. Seeing is learning.

Smooth criminal.

To us, high resolution means HD (1080p) and the U15 displays it best with the smoothest 30fps video. That means whether modeling instructions, performing dissections or plotting graphs, you have captured every student's attention. With the U15, there is only clear movement and images without any bumps, lags or freezes. Go ahead you smooth criminal.

Built-in Auto focus

Beware of rings, wheels and other controls, because no matter how they phrase it, it is still manual focus. With one quick tap, the U15 auto focuses. So when moving from page to page or project to project, the U15 does all the work. Imagine if you had to manual focus all of that...

U15 USB Document Camera

Read the fine print.

Not only does the U15 offer 8X digital zoom but, you can actually move around an image when you are zoomed in – perfect for exploring various parts of a map.

U15 USB Document Camera LED Light

Shed some light.

Usually when the projector is on, the lights are off. That's why the U15 has built-in LED lights in the camera head so that whether the room lights are on or off, your objects can still be seen clearly.

Bells and whistles. It's does a lot.

Webcam friendly design

If you are a Skype power-user, the U15 as a webcam not only shows your face but, your student's faces, a project, classroom wall... (you get the point).

U15 USB Document Camera Webcam

Do the twist.

Go ahead – lean, bend and flex the U15's gooseneck in any and every direction to get up close and personal from an iPad, Petri dish, your students, your class and more. It won't break.

Move it.

Sharing a doc cam with a few teachers? Then the U15 is perfect. It's light, portable (has a handle) and folds down into the size of a paper-back novel. It also has only one cable to connect for the quickest setup. The U15 just might be the easiest doc cam to use.

U15 USB document camera portable

Power. Display. Record. Upload.
Only one cable needed.

All the U15 needs is one USB cable to power-on and connect-up. Simply insert the bundled cable into a computer and now you have access to AVer's exclusive AVer A+ Software Suite software while you are charging the U15. No fuss. No mess.

AVer A+ Software Suite. The Integration Specialist

Sphere2 Lesson Presentation Software.

With Sphere2 it's all about the split screen- and share-ability. Feel free to split…the screen that is. Project a live U15 image, a live web cam image, and saved images /videos side by side. Why? Show exam questions next to sample answers. How to videos next to end results. The difference between an iceberg and a glacier is simple when seen. All the while, annotate, highlight and record the presentation and when finished, Sphere2 will upload to many social media sites – YouTube, Dropbox – to share with colleagues, students and more.

AVer Sphere2 Software

Interactive White Board or Tablet Plug-in.

With the plug-in, AVer's U15 directly integrates into any IWB software to easily add pictures and live video. You can even use the IWB or tablet software to control the U15. That's the power of AVer integration.

AVerVision Flash Plug-in

Microsoft application plug-in.

Place an AVer doc cam live image directly onto PowerPoint slides. You can even annotate over the entire slide (including the live doc cam image) as well as record the entire presentation.

AVer Doc Cam PowerPoint Plug-in

U15 USB Document Camera Technical Specifications

Sensor CMOS
Pixel Count 2 megapixels
TV Lines 600 (Center)
Frame Rate 30 fps (max.)
White Balance Auto / Manual
Exposure Auto / Manual
USB Output 1920x1080, 1280x720, 1024x768, 640x480

Focus Auto
Shooting Area Max. 16.96” x 10” @ 18.7” height (431mm x 254mm @ 475mm height)
Zooming 8X Digital Zoom

Button Functions
Snapshot Take a snapshot onto AVer Software
LED Turns on the LED light
AF Initiates the Auto Focus

Operating Systems Windows XP SP3 (32-bit), Windows Vista (32/64 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
Mac OS X 10.5.8 or above (Intel based)
AVer Software AVer A+ Software Suite (Sphere 2, PowerPoint Plug-in, Flash-Plug-in), A+ 1.7, AVerVision 4
Interactive Whiteboard Compatibility Yes with AVerVision Flash Plug-in
MS PowerPoint Yes with PowerPoint Plug-in (Windows only, MS PPT 2007 or above)

Power Source DC 5V, 3A, 100-240V, 50-60Hz adapter (Optional)
Consumption 1.7 Watts (lamp off); 1.9 Watts (lamp on)

Lamp Type LED light

Input/Output Connections
USB Mini-USB (Functions as PC connectivity and Power)
USB Hub 2 x USB2.0 ports
DC 5V Input Power Jack
MIC Built in

Operating 15.35” x 9.76” x 17.62”
390mm x 248mm x 447.5mm (+/-2mm include rubber foot)
Folded 10.19” x 6.42” x 1.53”
259mm x 163mm x 38.79mm (+/-2mm include rubber foot)
Weight 3.3 lbs (1.5kg)

Package Contents
3' USB Cable (Mini type)
Software CD
Warranty Card
Quick Guide

Optional Accessories
Anti-Glare sheet Part number: PANTIGLA1 (A5 size 8.26” x 5.84”)
AP20T Interactive Pen Part number: PEN2TEAPK
U15 Warranty
2-year warranty
2-way free RMA shipping
Watch the video

U-Series USB Document Camera Training Video (2:46)

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