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A+ Interactive Software

What is A+ Interactive Software?

A+ Interactive Software is a FREE interactive software package that can be used for a variety of classroom applications. Included with all AVerVision Document Cameras or Wireless Pen products, A+ Interactive Software can be used to design full lesson or unit plans, can control your document camera and Wireless Pens, and allows both students and teachers to interact directly with lesson material. Designed in a "slide" format, teachers can dedicate each slide to developing an entire lesson plan. With the ability to draw, type text, insert video, audio, weblinks, images and more, Teachers have a highly flexible and easy to use content development solution. Furthermore, advanced features for AVerVision Document Cameras and Wireless Pens add instant interactive, collaborative and engaging environments to virtually any lesson.

Powerful A+ Interactive Software

AVer A+ Interactive SoftwareWireless Pen comes with the ALL NEW A+ Interactive software! This tool allows users to create projects using full annotation capability, image capture, video recording, multimedia importing, and more. Users can even share work with other A+ Interactive Software users in real-time through a school LAN!

Project Tools
AVer A+ Interactive Software Users can save images, video, screen captures, and annotations as a Project file. Saved Project files can be exported into various formats such as images, HTML, or PDF files.

Multiple Concurrent Users
Multiple Concurrent Users/Classroom Collaboration Wireless Pen fosters greater engagement by empowering the teacher and multiple student groups to interact with lesson material at the same time. Up to 6 student pens and one teacher pen can interact at one time while up to 60 student pens can be registered to a single teacher pen.

Virtual Transparency Mode
AVer A+ Interactive Software Annotate over other programs such as web pages, images, PDF documents, and more.

Split screen
AVer A+ Interactive Software Arrange your screen in multiple configurations from one large screen, up to 6 independent screens. Each user can then work in separate areas simultaneously without overrunning other users' work.

Integration with AVerVision Document Cameras
AVer A+ Interactive Software Display and control live images of documents, 3-D objects, microscope views, transparencies, slides, and more in A+ Interactive Software.

Group Response System
Classroom Collaboration/Group Response System With the built-in answer selection keypad on each pen, formative assessment is a breeze and results are tabulated on the screen immediately.

Creating Interactive Lessons and Presentations

A+ Interactive Software provides a flexible and easy format for developing interesting, creative and interactive lessons. Each slide can be used as a virtual canvas, where images, video, flash files, text, drawings, live document camera images and more can be put together for maximum engagement. Each slide can be its own lesson, or an entire unit can be demonstrated step by step, slide by slide. Since A+ Interactive Software is free, even students can download it and create their own lessons or presentations.

Interactive Lessons


AVer A+ Interactive SoftwareAll work developed or created in A+ Interactive Software can be saved for reference or later use. Each A+ Interactive Software file can represent a completed lesson plan, or one that can be used multiple times. They can even be posted on teacher websites or emailed to parents to show student progress. Teachers can share lessons, as well as modify them as needed by their curriculum. A+ Interactive Software is versatile and easy software solution that can help teachers consolidate virtually all of their lesson material into one digital file, as well as integrate their document camera and Wireless Pen tools into the presentation. A+ Interactive Software can save time, as well as valuable resources such as paper or transparencies.


Integration with AVerVision Document Cameras

AVer A+ Interactive SoftwareA+ Interactive Software offers the same document camera features within the software, as the physical document camera itself includes. From the software, teachers can zoom in and out, autofocus, take pictures and video, annotate, and more. Therefore, lessons can combine full curriculum demonstrations, as well as complete control over live document camera images.

Integration with Wireless Pens

AVer A+ Interactive SoftwareA+ Interactive Software adds the true interactive and collaborative environment behind the Wireless Pen Collaborative Learning Solution. Both students and teachers are able to interact directly with lesson material in A+ Interactive Software simultaneously with their Wireless Pens. Annotation, highlighting, object manipulation and more can be performed by any student or teacher, virtually anywhere in the room. Furthermore, multiple lessons or slides can be viewed and manipulated at the same time, but in different split screen areas. This allows students or groups to work on their own material,

in their own assigned space in A+ Interactive Software. Formative group assessment can also be conducted easily and quickly through A+ Interactive Software and Wireless Pens. Teachers are able to pre-design questions, or on the fly in A+ Interactive Software while students can use the response features on their Student Pens.AVer A+ Interactive Software