EVC – The Power to See

AVer EVC100 - The world's FIRST under $1000
HD interactive video conferencing solution
that's H.323 compliant.
  • All inclusive end-point: Camera, codec and microphone
  • HD PT camera with 88° FOV: Big enough to show your entire class clearly
  • H.323 compliant: Connects with almost every content provider & IVC system
  • Easy-to-fund: Under $1,000 solution!
  • Easy-to-use: Plug-n-play, takes minutes to set-up
  • Easy-to-maintain: Industry's only bundled 3-year warranty
  • Easy-to-integrate: Room control system and cloud VC service integration
EVC100 Video Conferencing for Education

"We were able to place an EVC100 in each of our schools, and not just the district office – without even having to go to bid!"

Every School, Every Student
EVC100 HD interactive video conferencing system – simple, affordable and perfect for every school

Open the doors for all students

The EVC100 gives schools the ability to develop and grow true interactive video curriculum, opening the door for all students to experience the world outside of their classrooms. Traditionally, many schools have had difficulty building and maintaining effective interactive video conferencing (IVC) programs simply due to the high cost and maintenance requirements. Attempts to utilize free web-based video chat solutions come with new challenges with regards to low quality video/audio and dropped calls where lessons and demonstrations can easily get lost in translation.

EVC100 video conferencing

Without the ability to consistently integrate IVC programs into day-to-day curriculum, educators can easily become discouraged and discount the true benefits of interactive video and distance learning programs.

EVC100 videoconference

The EVC100 breaks down the traditional IVC roadblocks by providing a high definition, all-inclusive, easy to use interactive video conferencing systems for under $1000! With the EVC100, schools finally have a solution to place IVC in many schools as opposed to the cost of traditional IVC solutions that can reach upwards of $15,000 for a single system.

It's Just That Simple!

Not only is the EVC100 easy on the budget, but the entire experience from purchasing, to use and maintenance makes implementing interactive video conferencing fast and simple.

Easy to Purchase

Everything needed to start your IVC programs comes in one box, including the camera, codec, remote control and all necessary cables. No need to sort through catalogs to find the right combination of equipment…it's all there!

Easy to Set Up and Use

The EVC100 is virtually plug-n-play and ready to communicate. Simply plug in the power, connect the camera and internet cable and you are ready to go!* All controls are easy to use, from dialing an IP address, to setting and calling from your Phonebook.

Easy to Maintain

The EVC100 comes with the industry's only bundled 3-year warranty, with one-year of advanced replacement. While traditional video conferencing solutions charge extra for maintenance contracts, support and maintenance is all included in the one-time cost of the EVC.

*A one-time network/firewall configuration may be required upon initial setup.

The EVC100 makes true interactive video conferencing programs a reality by allowing more schools and districts to easily implement IVC curriculum, breaking down the walls for more students to experience the world outside of their classroom. The EVC opens the door to a wide variety of experiences that students may never otherwise have the opportunity to realize.

Interactive, virtual fieldtrips

The EVC100 makes true interactive video conferencing programs a reality by allowing more schools and districts to easily implement IVC curriculum, breaking down the walls for more students to experience the world outside of their classroom. The EVC opens the door to a wide variety of experiences that students may never otherwise have the opportunity to realize.

Interactive, virtual fieldtrips
video conferencing Interact with Experts

Interact with Experts

Don't worry about the cost and scheduling difficulties around brining in experts on-site. Simply connect over interactive video with scientists, politicians, doctors, universities, career counselors and more. Give your students first-hand interaction with those directly involved with how our world and society is shaped.

Expand Course Offerings

Course offerings are no longer limited to available resources on-site. Students can now take courses offered at other schools or locations where they may not be available otherwise. Immerse students in foreign language classes from native countries, offer collaborative AP classes with multiple schools, allow rural schools to connect with science or technology classes in large cities. Students can now have access to classes and curriculum they may not have been able to experience before.

video conferencing Expand Course Offerings

Professional Development

The school day has ended, but a required PD session is getting ready to start at another school across town. Forget about getting in your car and driving to the session, simply connect through video conferencing to complete the session without the extra travel time. Reduce travel to tradeshows and seminars by completing PD requirements through video. Connect with other teachers to collaborate about best practices, or the latest concepts in education. Physical distance is no longer a limitation to the frequency or availability of professional development.

The EVC100 Features:
  • $999 MSRP. Schools and districts can implement systems without having to go to bid.
  • 88° Wide Angle HD Camera. Covers an entire classroom with crisp and clear video.
  • 1 Array Microphone. High sensitivity to capture audio from across the room.
  • Dual Display Support. View and share content through multiple projectors or monitors.
  • Content Sharing. Allows teachers to share PowerPoint presentations, videos, live document camera video and more during a video connection.
  • High Definition 720p, HDMI Output. Displays sharp clear video so content and communication does not get lost in poor quality video.
  • Interoperability. Integrates with Room Control Systems, Other H.323 brands and major cloud video conferencing service providers. Click here for more cloud info: http://www.averusa.com/communication/cloud-videoconferencing.asp
  • Remote API and Web Remote. Access and control your EVC through your mobile device or web browser to configure, make calls, use features and more.
Standard/industry compliance   H.323 and SIP
Video resolution HD 720p 30fps
Camera PT camera with 4X Digital Zoom
Video Connectivity HDMI & VGA
Content sharing Wireless & VGA
Dual display support Yes
Included MICs 1 microphone array
External/Aux MIC support 3.5mm
MSRP $999
Included warranty 3-years + 1 year advanced replacement
Cloud Compatible Yes
Remote API / Web Remote Yes

The industry's best and only 3-year video conferencing warranty

Customer service starts with the customer. When you invest in a video conferencing solution, you deserve a guarantee that the company stands by the quality and reliability of its product. So why do most companies makes you pay for things like service and firmware updates? Shouldn't these already be included? We think so.

AVer HD video conferencing solutions simplify customer support. First, there are no service contracts to buy and firmware updates are completely free. In fact, you can update firmware from our website without ever having to contact us. We included a 3-year warranty with our systems, which is twice the industry average. We also understand the importance of keeping technology up and running, which is why we also include one year of advanced replacement. If you ever have a problem with your AVer system in the first year of ownership, contact us and we'll immediately ship out a brand new system, free of charge. Once you receive the new system, mail us the bad unit with the included shipping label.

Included with EVC series video conferencing system:

  • 3-year warranty with service
  • One year of advanced replacement with FREE 2-way RMA shipping*
  • FREE tech support


* Activated upon product registration

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