Matrix Tracking Boxes Datasheet User Manual
Controller Solutions Datasheet User Manual


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Matrix Tracking Boxes Short Description Main Bullets
MT300N The AVer MT300N is the matrix tracking box that opens up a whole new world using AVer Pro AV cameras in collaborative environments! Integrate Voice Tracking with any room types with this small form factor device that eliminates the need for expensive in-room PC or server running PTZ Link software pre-installed. Supports 3rd party microphones from leading audio brands and allows for customizable multi-camera switching. Swap your camera between in-room Microsoft Teams, Zoom Room or Google Meet system or BYOM (bring your own meeting). With USB, NDI|HX2, HDMI, H.264 input and output connectivity, you can accommodate any use case for seamless integration for capture and collaboration.
  • Integrated voice tracking
  • Multi-camera switching
  • 2 HDMI & 2 USB/Type B
  • Supports NDI|HX2 protocol
  • Built-in PTZ Link Premium
  • Supports PoE+
Controller Solutions Short Description Main Bullets
CL01 Take control of your productions like a pro with this robust and intuitive solution to manage your video capture and broadcast needs. The CL01 is compatible with all AVer Auto Tracking and PTZ cameras and a variety of other brands. With a simple configuration to manage up to 255 cameras, the CL01 provides the power of a mini studio on your desk.
  • Joystick for pan/tilt/zoom control
  • Manage multiple cameras
  • Control buttons with preset functions
  • Adjust brightness, color and focus
  • Simple management for any camera operator
  • Smart, light and portable
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