IP Camera Support List

AVer hybrid and IP products are built convergence ready and support 50+ brands of IP cameras
right out of the box

More and more surveillance professionals are migrating over to the power of IP and networked video. IP-based video surveillance has dramatically improved the effectiveness of video security by providing scalable, flexible and cost-effective surveillance solutions. No longer is the CCTV professional hampered by the length of coaxial cabling, the limitations of analog image resolutions and proximity to the monitoring center. Now users can view live network video from anywhere and with more clarity and detail using MegaPixel IP images.

AVer has been on the fore-front of IP technology for over a decade and has perfected the transition to IP with robust hybrid solutions. While most DVR manufacturers offer IP as an auxiliary feature, we offer it as standard. Every AVer Hybrid system allows the user flexibility on deciding which channels are IP or analog. In fact they can make them all analog, all IP or any combination in between.  Most AVer Hybrid DVRs also include higher compression video codecs such as H.264, dual codecs and hardware compression to accommodate the higher resolution of IP cameras.

Check out our current list of supported IP brands and cameras by choosing one of the below options:

IP Camera Support List

Item Version Updated Size Download
EH, EXR Series Support List 08/13/2014 283kb
NV, SA XR, NXU Series Support List 08/22/2014 222kb
P Series Support List 2.7.1019.21 12/22/2014 320kb
E Series Support List 2.7.1018.20 12/22/2014 320kb

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