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Protecting students and staff in our schools and campuses

Our schools are places where children should be safe to learn, while educators teach and inspire. However campuses can be the most vulnerable areas, susceptible to the same vandalism, theft and even violence as the world outside the school gates. Providing our youth and those who guide them with a safe and secure place to grow is essential to their success both academically and socially.

With over 20 years of experience in education, AVer understands the unique challenges schools and districts possess with video and IP related technologies. These particular needs require solutions that are designed to accommodate these challenges.

AVer’s IP Cameras address those issues specific to our schools and campuses to:

  • Deter theft and violence on campus
  • Reduce the financial impact of vandalism
  • Immediately recognize events as they occur
  • Provide real-time access to live HD video for administrators and first responders
  • Clearly identify events and suspects for investigations and prosecution

Enhanced security both indoors and out

AVer offers certified weather and vandal resistant outdoor cameras, to MFZ (Motorized Focus Zoom) options, vari-focal lenses, indoor, and wireless cameras. AVer IP Cameras provide clear, high definition video of areas where events are most likely to occur, including:

  • Libraries and media centers
  • Entry/exit points and hallways
  • Classrooms and labs
  • Cafeterias, assembly rooms, auditoriums
  • Outdoor courtyards, common areas,
    parking lots
  • Sports facilities and fields

Instant notification and access to anyone, from anywhere

If events do occur, AVer’s free NVR camera software trigger automatic alarms and notifications via email, audio, CMS or security personnel can manually trigger alarms. Notifications are sent to any person or organization with access to the system, including administrators, district officials, police, fire and other first responders. Anyone authorized to access the system can immediately view live or recorded video from a computer or mobile device. This provides officials with a clear understanding of the severity of the event, the location, individuals involved, and other important pieces of information needed to take appropriate action.

AVer IP Camera Features Essential for Campus Security

Specialized features designed to meet the unique needs of schools and campuses

Corridor Mode

Corridor ModeCorridor Mode adjusts the orientation of the video from landscape to portrait to gain enhanced visibility of school hallways, corridors and alleyways. This reduces distracting or wasted space such as walls or windows by condensing the focal point to only the area of interest.

Browser-Based Remote Monitoring

Browser-Based Remote MonitoringLive or recorded video, camera controls, system settings and more can be accessed from any web browser. Administrators, technicians, police, fire, and other first responders can be given secure access from their computers, tablets and smartphones for immediate response to events, review of previous events, and even system maintenance. This provides authorized officials immediate notification of security situations giving them the ability to make informed decisions and reactions instantly.

Smart Stream

Smart Stream Smart Stream allows users to enhance video in up to 5 areas in a single stream, while reducing video quality in irrelevant areas. Entryways, windows, computer stations and other critical spaces can be enhanced while surrounding walls or floors can be reduced allowing clear views of only what is needed. This not only focuses attention on essential school areas, but reduces bandwidth use by lowering quality of insignificant spaces.

Motorized Focus Zoom (MFZ)

Motorized Focus Zoom (MFZ)A built-in motorized lens allows for remote zoom and focus from the web user interface. Whether using a computer, smartphone or tablet, with one click users can zoom on an object or automatically focus. This eliminates the need to manually and physically adjust each camera lens, saving time and enhancing safety especially when cameras are in high or difficult to reach locations.

Region of Interest (ROI)

Region of InterestROI is a cropping feature that allows users to select up to 2 regions in a single video stream to focus on while eliminating unnecessary space. For example, a school front office desk and the main entry way can be selected, while cropping out wall or floor space so views consist only of active areas.

3 Simultaneous video streams

3 Simultaneous video streamsUp to 3 video streams can be transmitted simultaneously, all set to different resolutions. Configuring the second and third stream at a lower resolution is useful for tablet or mobile devices, or 3rd party software that do not require high resolution. Each stream can also be independently toggled to support H.264, MPEG4 or MJPEG along with its own corresponding bit rates. Different Regions of Interest can also be selected per stream to focus only on important or active areas.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Wide Dynamic RangeAutomatically adjust for variable lighting situations by equalizing the exposure to correct for backlight or glare. For example, if cameras are directed at a window the backlight could dim or blur objects in front. However, WDR equalizes the contrast to produce clear views regardless of where the object is or lighting variances.

Event Booster

Event BoosterThe Event Booster automatically controls the frame rate of live video to reduce bandwidth and storage. Video can be set to a low frame rate until an alarm is triggered (motion, digital input, etc). Once an alarm is triggered, the video automatically adjusts to full motion providing clear video of the area or event. Event booster is beneficial for after school hour monitoring, or in areas where events or traffic is limited to certain times of the day. While video can always be streamed and recorded, it only adjusts to full motion when an event occurs.

Dynamic Noise Reduction

Dynamic Noise ReductionLow light or night time conditions can typically produce grainy and pixilated video, however AVer’s 3D and 2D Noise Reduction compensates for this by digitally comparing multiple frames to fill in pixilated gaps. This significantly increases the video clarity and sharpness in low-light conditions while reducing bandwidth caused by excessive video noise.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Power over Ethernet (PoE)AVer IP Cameras are powered by the same Ethernet cables that communicate with the network, not by a separate power source. Cameras connect to the existing network infrastructure, eliminating the need to cable an entire school or campus with additional power cables saving time and money on installation..