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  • September 2011


    September 2011 "Top Pick" DVR by Security Products

    We are excited that the EH1004 DVR is a Top Pick product by the editors of Security Products magazine. The EH1004 Hybrid DVR provides the surveillance industry with an accessible and unique way to tap into both the analog and IP markets.
  • September 2010

    IWH3216 Touch

    WFX New Product Award

    We are proud to receive a WFX New Product Award. We believe customers are looking for surveillance solutions that are easy to use, install and are budget friendly and the IWH3216 is definitely a testament to all three.
  • September 01, 2010

    EXR6004 Mini

    September 2010 "Top Pick" DVR by Security Products

    We extremely honored that our small but mighty EXR6004 Mini NVR was named as a "Top Pick" product by Security Products.
  • March 01, 2010


    March 2010 "Top Picks" DVR by Security Products

    Our EH5216 has been going strong since its launch. We are excited that the new generation is also being received so well.
  • August 03, 2009

    EH5216 MPEG4

    "Top Picks" DVR by Security Products magazine

    "It is an honor to have a respected publication like Security Products recognize the EH5216+. It is further validation that it continues to be value, reliability and performance in one smart DVR."
  • July 01, 2009

    EH5116 Pro

    2009 IHTA Security & Safety Award Finalist

    "We are honored that the IHTA has chosen to recognize AVerMedia as a finalist. It is a testament to our focus on innovating great value products that are powerful, reliable and easy-to-use."
  • March 04, 2009

    EB1704HB WiFi-4

    Best Security Product-Mark of Excellence Finalist

    "The Mark of Excellence Awards program recognizes only the best in home electronics and we are honored that the EB1704HB WiFi-4 surveillance system was recognized by them"
  • January 01, 2009

    NV6480E16 Card

    Home Security Software of the Year

    AVerMedia's cutting-edge Surveillance Software fuels our exceptional DVRs. We are ecstatic that our users have recognized this extraordinary software as the "2008 Home Security Software of the Year!"
  • December 01, 2008

    EB1304NET SATA

    AVerMedia is recognized with BuyCOMs Gold Award

    "The EB1304NET SATA was recognized with BuyCOMs' Gold award for combining efficiency, power and affordability with the high quality video images people expect from AVerMedia!"
  • November 12, 2008

    SA9000E Pro

    2008 Product of the Year Award - Top 20 Finalist

    "The SA9000E Pro already distinguished with a 2008 Taiwan Excellence Award, is further established as the unquestioned industry standard for superior video surveillance with this worthy recognition."
  • November 12, 2008

    EB1704HB WiFi-4

    2009 CES Best of Innovations Award

    "With so many cutting-edge products to select from this year, we are thrilled that the judges have chosen AVerMedia's EB1704HB WiFi-4 security system as a winner of a CES Best of Innovations award"
  • September 01, 2008

    EB1704HB WiFi-4

    Editor's Choice product by SDM magazine

    We are extremely honored that our revolutionary EB1704HB WiFi-4 DVR, was named as an "Editor's Choice" product by SDM magazine in their September 2008 issue.
  • June 06, 2008

    EB1704HB WiFi-4

    2008 IHTA Awards Finalist

    "This recognition further demonstrates the versatility of AVerMedia Surveillance Products. AVerMedia Surveillance products virtually integrate into any security environment."
  • May 01, 2008

    SA9000E Pro

    2008 Taiwan Excellence Awards

    "We are extremely proud that the SA9000E Pro was awarded Asia's most prestigious award, that heralds Taiwan's most well-designed innovations"
  • May 01, 2008


    2008 Taiwan Excellence Awards (SA6032 series)

    "We are extremely proud that the SA6032 series was awarded Asia's most prestigious award, that heralds Taiwan's most well-designed innovations"
  • April 01, 2008

    SA6000E Pro

    2008 PIF Gold Medal

    "AVerMedia received the PIF (PoznaƄ International Fair) GOLD MEDAL for the SA6000E Pro's cutting-edge features. This medal, awarded since 1979, plays a big part in the European security industry."
  • March 01, 2007

    SA6416 RACK

    2007 NSCA Innovation Technology Award

    "The award represents not only the advanced technology of AVerMedia's surveillance solutions, but is an indication of the growing digital security and surveillance markets."
  • February 02, 2007

    SA6416 RACK

    2007 IHTA Awards

    "This award is an example of the versatility of AVerMedia Surveillance Products. Whether home, business or public, AVerMedia Surveillance products integrate into virtually any security environment."
  • January 01, 2007

    SA6416 RACK

    2007 International CES Innovations Awards

    "We are extremely proud and honored that the AVerDigi SA6416 was chosen an Innovations award winner. This award serves as a testament for AVerMedia's cutting-edge design and engineering capabilities."
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