Video Management Software

Manage, monitor, search, and export your DVR video data easily and effortlessly

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Forensic Tools
  • Video Intelligence

From the intuitive icons, thoughtfully arranged navigation tools to proactive event alarms and notifications, AVer solutions really are operator friendly. And that takes the complexity out of video management.

Alarms and Notifications

With the built-in event alarms, it is easy to isolate, prioritize and manage unfolding situations. In fact real-time notifications are not only pushed locally to the monitored DVR, but also remotely to mobile devices. From relay protocols (locking gates, etc.), phone calls, emails, warning sounds and more, the system stays vigilant so you don’t have to.

Consistent interface

The same Graphical User Interface is used across all our DVRs and NVRs. So when you learn to navigate one AVer system, you learn to navigate all of them.

Dual Monitor Support

Our Windows based system support dual-monitors, Allowing you to allocate the second monitor for E-maps, playback and more.

An astonishingly wide variety of recording and search features are available with AVerMedia DVRs. So when life does happen, you are guaranteed that it was seen and recorded. Even more AVerMedia’s forensic tools allow operators to quickly and efficiently retrieve, analyze, bookmark and export video.

Visual Search

Drill down video image thumbnails from days, hours, minutes and seconds to quickly pin point important activity in seconds

Intelligent Search

Define areas in recorded footage with missing objects and the software will automatically retrieve video from the last motion sensed in that region

Video Mask and Shield

Manipulate recording preferences by either adding a privacy Shield or partition off areas from triggering motion based recording with a Mask

Smart Recording

Record continuously at low fps and jump to higher fps in case of activity.

We are as concerned about the prevention and deceleration of abnormal events as you are. Which is why many of our DVRs come equipped with Video Intelligence alarms that aids in cutting through the clutter of high-volume video by detecting unfolding situations, based on triggers, in real-time.

Scene Change Alarm

Monitoring camera is repositioned or obstructed; especially valuable in schools.

Missing Object Alarm

Defined objects, such as art in museums, are removed from monitored zones.

Suspicious Object Alarm

Objects are left alone for extended periods of time. Perfect for unattended baggage in airports and subways.

Object Detection Alarm

Threshold of objects entering or exiting defined zones such as turnstiles in subways are crossed.

  EH1000 Series EH5000 Series SA Series NV Series
System AVer GUI
Dual monitor support    
Record Manually Record
Video (Motion) Mask  Analog Only Analog Only
Video (Privacy) Shield     
Playback Rewind/Forward (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 1/2, 1/4)
Digital Zoom
Export (snapshot to .jpg or video to .DVR)
Recording Smart Recording 
Event Recording (motion, video loss, sensor)
Pre (10 secs)/Post (10 mins) Event Recording
Event Response Display Video on (E-map, Spot)
Dispatch (Relays, Warning Sound, Call) Relays Only
Send Video or Image to CMS, Email, Text CMS, Emails CMS, Emails
Video Intelligence Missing Object, Suspicious Object     
Scene Change, Object Detection     
Search by Date/Time/Camera/Zone/Event Log File
Intelligent Search     
Visual Search   
Bookmark Search Capability
Video Quality Night View (analog cameras only)     
POS Video with Text Overlay 
Searchable Database (keywords)   
iPOS Live     
Remote Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Win Mobiles 
Central Management Software 
Security Video Encryption