EVC910/900/310/300 Installation Guide

Thank you for choosing AVer video conferencing solutions.
This hardware installation guide serves as a reference for making the connections needed to get your new system up and running as quickly as possible.

1. Before making the connections

Make sure EVC910/900 or EVC310/300 has good clearance and ventilation with about 4" clearance on the side and top.

Before making the connections, make sure all devices are powered off. Refer to the illustrated connections below and also to the user manual of the device you are connecting to the AVer EVC-Series system.

* Make sure all connections have been connected successfully before powering on the system.

2. Connecting monitors (VGA out/HDMI out)

Locate the VGA/HDMI input port of the graphics display device and connect it to VGA OUT/HDMI OUT port of the AVer EVC with the supplied VGA/HDMI cable. You can connect the VGA OUT and HDMI OUT ports or HDMI1 OUT and HDMI2 ports at the same time upon a dual screen configuration.

3. Connecting the camera (camera in)

Locate the port on the back of the camera and connect it to the CAMERA IN port of the EVC with the supplied camera cable.

4. Connecting the MIC (MIC in)

Use the supplied MIC cable and connect the red tag connector to the MIC IN port of the EVC. Then connect the other end of the MIC cable with the blue tag to MIC OUT port.

* Press the button on the top of AVer EVC-MIC to mute/un-mute the MIC.

5. Connecting the LAN (RJ-45)

Connect the LAN port of AVer EVC to a RJ-45 wall jack or Ethernet hub with the supplied RJ-45 cable.

* It is requires an IP-based network before beginning LAN connection.

6. Connecting the power (DC 12V)

Connect the power adapter to a standard 100V~240V AC power outlet with the supplied power adapter and power cord.

  1. To prevent shock, make sure all the connections on the main system are connected successfully before connecting the power cable and turning on the power.
  2. Make sure to use the supplied available power adapter.

7. Connecting PC (VGA in/DVI In)

Locate the VGA output port of the Laptop or Desktop and connect it to VGA IN port of EVC with the supplied VGA cable for an image display.

Use the supplied DVI to HDMI connector and connect to the HDMI port of Laptop or Desktop with HDMI cable.

* To share the video signal from the computer, press PRESENT and select "VGA".

8. Connecting the audio (audio in/out)

Audio in:

Locate the AUDIO output port of the Laptop or Desktop and connect it to AUDIO IN port of AVer EVC with the supplied 3.5mm Audio cable.

Audio out:

Locate the AUDIO in port of the LCD TV speaker or normal speaker and connect them to AUDIO OUT port of AVer EVC with a RCA cable.

9. USB storage (USB ports)

EVC main system supports two USB2.0 interface for saving data. One is located on the front panel of main system; another is located on the back panel.

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