Upgrade to an HDMI Document Camera Upgrade to an HDMI Document Camera 300AFHD Document Camera
TabChargeCT2 Charging Cart TabChargeCT2 Charging Cart TabChargeCT2 Charging Cart TabChargeCT2 - 40 device Chromebook iPad Android & Windows Tablet and Netbook charging cart
ClassSend Student Engagement Application Student Engagement Application
TabChargeCT2 TabChargeCT2 TabChargeCT2
TabChargeCT TabChargeCT TabChargeCT TabChargeCT
Tablet generation

TabCam - wireless streaming camera
TabSync - tablet sync and charge cart

Sphere2 and ClassSend

Enhancing Teacher & Student Engagement

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From Customers

TabCam"A teacher showing and modeling an experiment with TabCam, then leaving it going while she engages small groups around the classroom increases her ability to reach more students. Teachers and students can also record themselves, play it back to the class, annotate over their content, or post it to online venues so no one misses any part of the instruction."
Erica Kotzer, Technology Support Facilitator, Pembroke Pines, FL

TabCam"What you can do with TabCam and the app leads right into the way testing is going to be for new Common Core Standards. I love the ability to annotate and edit, as it's so authentic for the kids to be able to put their own work up and see what corrections are needed, where they need to add, and to interact with it as a whole."
Kathy Schlief, Teacher, Campbell, CA

TabSync"We came across AVer's TabSync while looking for a good cart that would both sync and charge our iPads, but didn't cost a fortune. So far we purchased 17 carts and love them. They are dependable and have a good layout and design for our current needs."
Jennie Swoboda, Technology Coordinator, Eau Claire Area School District, Eau Claire, WI