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We are dedicated to creating high-quality USB video conference cameras and visual collaboration solutions that are innovative, intuitive, and enrich lives. Our ecosystem of collaboration solutions includes a USB conference camera for any size meeting space from the huddle room to the board room.

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Microsoft Teams Certified

Connect and collaborate quickly with our award-winning, easy-to-use video collaboration systems. Our USB video conference cameras are certified with Microsoft to ensure a seamless Microsoft Teams experience. Bring the power of Microsoft Teams into your meeting and experience AVer’s high-quality Audio and Video.

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Our happy customers

I work at a STEM school in Colorado. We value local, global, and industry collaborations supported in synchronous environments. AVer has been a life-saving company, supporting our approach and the life-changing impact it has made. Our work using AVer VC520+ has been a game changer for rural schools in Colorado, school sin Mexico, schools in Belize, and as a way to connect multiple industries to student learning and STEM. Thank you for helping us change the world and bring hope to all students.

Gregg Cannady D.M.A.,Collaboration and Concept Development | STEM School Highlands Ranch.

The CAM340+ delivers the exceptional huddle room video experience and works well with Zoom Rooms' high-quality video, audio, and screen sharing in huddle and small room setups.

Chris DeNovellis,Hardware Partner Manager for Zoom.

Modern huddle rooms and small office spaces require simple plug-and-play AV Solutions. AVer’s all-in-one VB342+ delivers a 120° wide angle FOV, powerful stereo sound, and easy plug-and-play installation.

Chris DeNovellis,Hardware Partner Manager for Zoom.

AVer EP65 is large and in charge. It delivers the form factor, high-quality hardware and software components, and embedded Zoom conferencing software to appropriately address the environments and use cases for which it is intended— executive rooms, open meeting spaces, four- to six-person huddle rooms, and small training centers—that require high-detail annotation and audio/video clarity.

Rob Arnold,Principle Analyst for Frost & Sullivan.

Overall the camera [CAM340+] has been solid. The horizontal field of view is a big improvement, and it does very well in smaller spaces with capturing the audience at all sides of the tables. The lens sharpness and color rendition is very good, and we've proven this to be better over other competitor brands.

Michael Medina,A/V Support- IT Support Services | Gilead Sciences, Inc.

AVer’s CAM540 4K video conferencing camera captures every person in the room with truly phenomenal video quality. The new small form factor of the CAM540 creates a streamlined look and installation into our Zoom Rooms is truly plug-and-play. The CAM540 offers a whisper-quiet mechanical Pan/Tilt/Zoom, razor-sharp 16X zoom, and amazing 4K video quality in a sleek compact design.

Oded Gal,Head of Product Management for Zoom.

The VB342 All-in-one conference cameras are quickly becoming the standard for our Zoom Rooms. With a single USB cable connecting the camera, microphone and sound bar to the Zoom computer, installation of new Zoom Rooms happen in a breeze. The audio quality of the integrated sound bar exceeds our expectations and the microphones pick up even the softest and farthest speakers in a 10-person conference room while eliminating echo and reverberant sound. With it's motorized pan-tilt camera and stylish design, the VB342 has outdone all competition.

Raina Joseph,CONDÉ NAST.

AVer’s CAM540 is truly a notch above the rest. Quality is important to me and I know that no matter which meeting room I’m in, the CAM540 is the video conferencing PTZ camera that I can count on everytime.

Ryan Root,Phoenix Audio Technologies.

The VB342 USB 4K conference camera has better sound than most stand alone speakerphones. Finally, an all in one unit which delivered superb sound and stunning video in Zoom Rooms to be our go to Huddle Room all in one solution. Once again, Aver knocks it out of the park with their new all in one bundle for price and performance of a huddle room system. Aver has raised the bar for huddle room sound and video quality with the VB342 for Zoom Rooms.

Ryan Pinke,

The soundbar form factor really hits a sweet spot for huddle room video conferencing. It provides users with a very unobtrusive and comfortable meeting experience, while offering AV/IT teams an easily managed solution. The AVer VB342 USB 4K conference camera may be unique in offering motorized pan/tilt on its already wide FOV camera to cover almost any shaped meeting space.

David Maldow,CEO and Lead Analyst at Let’s Do Video.

I have to say, the new [AVer video conference camera] is a massive improvement over the old. The wide-angle lens also allows me to see the full set of devs and QA all at once while I work; before, I could only see half the others devs. On top of it all, the increased resolution makes it feel more like looking through a window at the team rather than viewing low-quality moving pictures of the folks I work with. Couple this with the new monitor the company sent me, and I feel much more at home with my team every day.

Jacob Opdahl,Renaissance Learning.
AVer EP65
Interactive flat panel with ZoomRooms
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AVer EP65
Interactive flat panel with ZoomRooms
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AVer CAM540
4K video conferencing camera
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AVer VB342
All in one conference camera
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AVer CAM340
USB 3.0 4K huddle room camera
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