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Audio Solutions Document Cameras Charging Carts

Our entire school district is proud to say all teachers have an AVERVISION (M5) document camera in their classroom and will continue to do so. Your products are amazing! I am a librarian and I am able to use the document camera during my library lessons. It is small and practicable and overall an awesome addition to my library resources.

Carla M. Oyervides | Emma Vera Elementary

AVer’s programmable charging carts have been in use in 37 Harmony campuses over a year now and we heard a lot of positive feedback from teachers and administrators regarding their functionality and quality. During and after the rollout, AVer officials communicated openly with us and notified our schools of any software and hardware update requirements on these smart carts, and even scheduled site visits to perform those updates in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend AVer products strongly for any school district. It has been one of the most valuable investments Harmony has made.

Burak Yilmaz, M.Ed. | District Project Director, Harmony Public Schools, Houston TX

The AVer Document Camera has been the best teaching tool I have ever used. I have no regrets about getting the document camera instead of an interactive white board. The document camera has so many more functions and uses than I ever imagined.

Broadneck Elementary School

AVer charging carts are robustly designed, offering the best physical security for the devices inside. The well thought out wire management simplifies deployment, minimizes cord breakage, and keeps the cart neat and orderly all school year long. The smart charging feature makes it easy for classroom teachers to know when the devices are fully charged and the compact design makes the carts perfect for tight classrooms. All these features combined with a great warranty and service make choosing AVer charging solutions a no-brainer!

Marc R. O'Connor | Director of Technology, American Paradigm Schools

A teacher showing and modeling an experiment with AVer document camera, then leaving it going while she engages small groups around the classroom increases her ability to reach more students. Teachers and students can also record themselves, play it back to the class, annotate over their content, or post it to online venues so no one misses any part of the instruction.

Erica Kotzer | Technology Support Facilitator, City of Pembroke Pines Charter Schools
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