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AVer Intel Unite plugin

Intel Unite® Plugin for AVer camera and speakerphone offerings. The Intel Unite® solution creates easy meeting connections to wirelessly share content and collaborate, whether you are in the meeting room or remote. No dongles, cables or adapters are needed. The plugin enables you to seamlessly control the AVer camera It works with all AVer USBCam series, such as CAM520, VC520+, FONE520, CAM530, CAM540, CAM340, VB342 and speakerphones from the Intel Unite® solution. This provides a simplified way to create and manage meetings, eliminating complexity for improved collaboration and productivity.


  • Switching FOV
  • Setting Up IP Address
  • Enabling Web Access
  • Update Firmware
  • Adjust Framing Speed
  • Setting the Home Position
  • VC520+ Promo Video
  • VC520+ Guided Tour Video
  • VC520 PRO Promo Video
  • CAM340+ Promo Video
  • CAM520 Promo Video
  • CAM540 Promo Video

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