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AVer Upgrades USB Management Software, EZManager 2

AVer releases EZManager 2, a new system with an upgraded interface for managing AVer USB cameras
Fremont, CA – April 20, 2022

AVer Information Inc. USA, the award-winning provider of education technology and video collaboration solutions, announces EZManager 2, a new system with an upgraded interface for managing AVer USB Cameras. AVer EZManager 2 is an easy-to-use central management tool to enable simplified control for all AVer USB video solutions.

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AVer EZManager 2 supports a comprehensive approach to IT management with a simplified user experience. This updated version features an improved user interface that enables users to quickly manage AVer devices. EZManager 2 allows users to flexibly manage, and control AVer USB devices via any user interface. Users can access EZManager 2 on their preferred browser and enter the central PC’s IP address. EZManager 2 allows users to locate multiple devices and view the device status in real-time. Users can remotely manage and upgrade firmware and PTZapp software updates. AVer’s secure interface enables users to backup and restore camera configurations for simplified plug-and-play operations.

"AVer EZManager 2 is designed to simplify device management by providing a unified, flexible solution for our USB products,"

said Carl Harvell, director of product marketing for AVer USA.

"With EZManager 2, users can access full control and manage all AVer devices without leaving their desk. The latest updates to AVer EZManager provide extensive features while promoting a straightforward user experience."

EZManager 2 is one powerful tool for centrally managing AVer USB video conferencing products in multiple locations. Whether a user is managing 10 or 10,000 cameras, EZManager 2 is the ideal solution for technicians, service providers, and enterprise deployments. IT Technicians can remotely access full control of AVer devices and keep them all working perfectly in sync.

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