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AVer Announces CAM570 Camera Certified for Microsoft Teams

AVer’s CAM570, an AI-powered pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) camera with Audio Tracking brings a high-quality, seamless user experience to Microsoft Team Rooms
Fremont, CA – October 26, 2023

AVer Information Inc. USA, the award-winning provider of education technology and video collaboration solutions, announces the CAM570, a 4K dual-lens camera, has been Certified for Microsoft Teams. AVer’s CAM570, a pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) conferencing camera, combines premium-grade features and AI-functionality to enable users to deliver in-person meeting experiences to remote participants.

AVer Announces CAM570 Camera Certified for Microsoft Teams

Designed for medium to large meeting rooms, the CAM570 features a 4K dual-lens camera with 36X total zoom and an AI lens with 95-degree FOV. AVer’s microphone beamforming technology guides the PTZ camera to focus on the most relevant activity in a meeting, meanwhile eliminating unnecessary audio with mouth and human voice detection. The CAM570 features three pairs of built-in voice sensors with beamforming technology and two 4K lenses to track speakers up to 10 meters away.

"AVer continues to expand our portfolio of Certified for Microsoft Teams devices as part of our ongoing commitment to building and strengthening our relationship with Microsoft and providing our end users with easy-to-use, feature-rich collaboration technologies,"

said Carl Harvell, Director of Product/ODM+SIU for AVer USA.

"The CAM570 addresses the challenges of today’s hybrid workplaces by combining AI-technology and premium-grade features to create collaboration equity for in-person and remote meeting participants. Now, with Certified for Microsoft Teams status, we’re able to offer our users another layer of features to support a simplified, seamless user experience."

"For medium and large meeting rooms, a powerful video camera is essential to better capture what is going on in the meeting room for remote participants,"

said Albert Kooiman, Senior Director, Microsoft Teams Partner Engineering and Certification at Microsoft.

"With its powerful PTZ technology, AVer’s CAM570 camera being Certified for Microsoft Teams helps to enrich the collaboration experiences for participants inside or outside the meeting room."

The CAM570 combines AVer’s cutting-edge features, including Dynamic Detection and Smart Gallery, to create the ultimate collaboration and presentation solution. Dynamic Detection automatically adjusts the camera angle and zoom to capture every meeting participant. Featuring smart AI technology, the frame automatically adjusts as the number of individuals in the room changes to eliminate unnecessary distractions and disruptions. Additionally, AVer’s Smart Gallery merges close-ups of everyone in the room to enable collaboration equity. Individuals will have equal representation in meetings through arranged close-ups around a panoramic view of the entire group. Users can switch between headshot and half-body frames to accommodate groups of various sizes.

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