AVer participates in a variety of regional and national contracts and purchasing consortiums in order to provide lower and pre-negotiated fixed pricing for educational institutions. With competitive bid pricing already pre-determined, schools and districts are able to save time, resources and money by purchasing through these contracts where they would have had to conduct a similar process on their own in order to follow correct purchasing protocol. Specific AVer products can be found throughout these contracts at pre-approved pricing and can be purchased without going through additional competitive bids. The contracts and buying consortiums below are a condensed list of the full number of programs in which AVer participates in which also can frequently change. Contact AVer for a full list of which contracts we currently participate in, as well as which products are specifically included in each contract. If you would like to learn more about how to join one or more of these buying consortiums, contact AVer or click on the contracts below relating to your needs or region.

Contracts supporting AVer products:

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