Sure, a document camera is a document camera, but have you ever wondered why children’s books are generally filled with lots of illustrations and less words? Visual learning is innate and fundamental. Students develop stronger creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving abilities with imagery.

How do we fit in? Well, we may not write or illustrate children stories, but we are committed to continual research and development of quality document cameras that stimulate learning. It is one of many simple ways to integrate technology into your classroom. Our product not only provides visual aid, but comes with unique, exclusive software designed to help create and enhance lesson materials. Our ultimate goal is to provide a packaged tool that makes instruction more effective and boosts student engagement. We absolutely believe that academic success can be achieved with our award-winning product.

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"The AVer Document Camera has been the best teaching tool I have ever used. I have no regrets about getting the document camera instead of an interactive white board. The document camera has so many more functions and uses than I ever imagined."

- Broadneck Elementary School

Countless options to fit every teaching need. Gooseneck, mechanical arm, platform, wireless…you name it, we got it. Our document camera designs range from portable and compact for a small classroom environment to solid and fully equipped for a big lecture hall.

HD quality cameras High resolution. High definition. Optical Zoom. We have all of the above. Even the teeniest of details are seen crystal clear with our great camera features.

Onboard recording and annotation capability Help students explore lessons by highlighting, cropping, recording, or however else you chose to enhance your presentation. Knowledge retention is more likely to occur when learning is interactive.

America’s best doc cam warranty It’s not about being the best, but promising the satisfaction of our products. Our commitment is deeply rooted in the ½ million+ classrooms that we serve!

Bundled with A+ Software Suite All of our document cameras include exclusive software to help you bring your lessons to life. Create an interactive classroom environment where both students and teachers can share their work!

Multiple connectivity options including wireless! If you’ve got USB, HDMI, VGA, and/or wireless connectivity, then we’ve got you covered. Our diverse document camera line flexibly supports various connection methods for the basic plug n’play folks to the presenters who like to roam freely.

Unsurpassed customer service We are committed to providing all the support needed to ensure a positive product experience for our customers. Our technical support team is well trained and experienced to help with any questions or concerns.

Affordable products Great technology does not always equate to expensive technology. Part of our goal in providing educational technology solutions to every classroom across America is to ensure that it is reasonably priced and affordable.

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