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CP3 Panel Firmware Update

Dear AVer Customer,

We would like inform you that a new v61 firmware is available for the CP3 panel.

In this release, we have new feature enhancements, major improvements, and bug fixes.

Below is a list of new features of the release:

  • Multi-user support with different access permissions.
    IT admin user can configure the panel to support different user types with permission.
  • Remote OTA update support in Display Management application (installed on window server)
    IT admin user can remotely update panel firmware with scheduled or on demand.
  • Configurable passcode security for screen share app on Airplay devices.
    Airplay onscreen code security for sharing
  • New app: Grouping & Drawing app. Users can setup groups for drawing in a classroom.

For more details, please refer to release notes on the AVer support website:


Education Product Team
AVer Information Inc., Americas

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