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AVer Information Honored in the Top 20 Most Promising Education Tech Solution Providers of 2014

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Fremont, CA - October 21, 2014

AVer Information Inc., a leading provider of innovative education hardware, software, device management, and campus security solutions, announced today that it has been named as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Education Tech Solution Providers in 2014 by CIO Review Magazine.

From the early 1990’s, AVer began their focus on education with AVerKey, a groundbreaking PC-to-TV converter that easily and affordably allowed teachers to display live content from their computers onto a TV so students could clearly see and engage with lesson content. From there, AVer has become the leading Document Camera manufacturer while focusing on new and innovative ways for educators to deliver curriculum while enabling students to better receive, interact, understand and retain lesson content.

Today, AVer’s education technology portfolio includes hardware and software solutions to support flipped, blended, 1-to-1 instruction, and distance learning, as well as increase overall teacher and student engagement. Furthermore, AVer has expanded its technology to enable schools and districts to efficiently manage teacher and student devices, while adding enhanced campus safety and security solutions.

“AVer Information has been on our radar for some time now for stirring a revolution in education technology, and we are happy to showcase them this year due to their excellent delivery of top-notch technology-driven solutions,”

“AVer is a major global provider of business and education solutions, and continued to break new ground the past year benefiting its customers around the globe and we’re excited to feature them on our top companies list.”

states Harvi Sachar, Publisher and Founder of CIO Review Magazine

“This accolade is a true testament to AVer’s continued drive to enrich the lives of our children and educators in today’s ever changing world,”

“By developing technology solutions based on the needs of our teachers and students, AVer is able to create unique and sustainable products that complement and enhance both evolutions and revolutions in education.”

states Michael Kuo, Co-Founder and CEO of AVer Information, Inc.

For more about AVer Information, Inc., please visit or call toll free: 1-877-528-7824

About AVer Information Inc.

Founded in 2008, AVer is an award-winning provider of education technology, healthcare and video collaboration camera solutions that improve productivity and enrich learning. From accelerating learning in the classroom, safely supporting patient care, to increasing competitive advantage for businesses, AVer solutions leverage the power of technology to help people connect with one another to achieve great things. Our product portfolio includes Professional Grade Artificial Intelligence Enabled Auto Tracking Cameras, Medical Grade PTZ Cameras, Zoom and Microsoft Teams Certified Enterprise Grade USB Cameras, Document Cameras and Classroom Audio Solutions. We strive to provide industry leading service and support that exceeds our customer's expectations. We are also deeply committed to our community, the environment and employ stringent green processes in all we do. Learn more at and follow us @AverUSA.
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