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Supported products:

U70+, U70, U50, M70HD, 300AFHD, F70W, F50-8M, F17-8M, M17-13M, F50HD, F17HD
Also Supports: M15W, M70W, M15-13M (Win Only)

A+ Suite

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Activating ClassSend Feature

The ClassSend Student Engagement Feature can be activated for free if your PC/Mac is connected to the following AVer products:

F50HD,F17HD, F17-8M, F50-8M, F70W, F33, 300AFHD, M70HD, M70, U70, PL50 and TabCam

Your Sphere2 software will automatically activate the Class feature when it connects to any of the above AVer document cameras. 

Pay-upgrade for ClassSend Student Engagement feature

  • AVer F50
  • AVer F30
  • AVer F15
  • AVer CP355
  • AVer CP155
  • AVer CP135
  • AVer 355AF
  • AVer 300AF+
  • AVer U50
  • AVer U15
  • AVer U10
  • AVer M50
  • AVer W30
  • AVer SPB370
  • AVer SPB350+
  • AVer SPB350
Sphere2 activation

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