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Mathematics K-12 Lesson Plans

Download document camera lesson plans for K-12 Mathematics

Traditional mathematics lessons are typically comprised of a textbook, worksheets and a blackboard or whiteboard. Teachers may put a math problem on the board for the students to solve or work out of their textbook. However, views of the blackboard may be blocked as the teacher works though the problem, or students may have a difficult time following along with their textbook. 3D geometrical objects may be difficult to see from the back of the class. But by using an AVerVision Document Camera, math problems can be projected on a large screen for the entire class to see. Textbook problems and diagrams can be shown in one location, rather than each student trying to follow from the books on their desk. Teachers can work through an algebra equation as the document camera captures and projects every movement of the pencil as the problem is solved providing a large visual interpretation of the correct method to solve the problem and how to check the work.

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