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The VB342+ delivers high quality audio and expansive sound in an easy to use all-in-one soundbar.

The VB342+ is an affordable, enterprise grade USB soundbar optimized to deliver
exceptional audio visual experience to huddle rooms and small conference rooms.


  • SmartFrame


  • Powerful bass for HD voice

    Powerful Bass for HD Voice

  • 165° viewable area

    180° Viewable Area

  • 12’ voice pick up

    12’ Voice Pick Up

  • Plug-n-Play


  • Super sharp

    Super Sharp

180° viewable area from motorized pan and tilt

The VB342+ captures the entire room with 120° FOV featuring a 180° motorized
pan and tilt, for a wider perspective than ever. Easily view the whiteboard on the sidewall with
the push of a button and save up to 10 preset locations.

180 degree view

Identify voices instantly with SmartSpeaker

AVer’s SmartSpeaker tracking pinpoints your location in the room, cutting through background noise to pick up your voice clearly. SmartSpeaker presets allow you to flawlessly deliver your presentation while continuing the video call with ease.


Constant clarity with True WDR

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) controls light exposure in high-contrast areas to provide
crystal clear images. No need to worry about tricky lighting conditions, now you can
hold your meeting anywhere in any lighting with the VB342+.

true WDR
True WDR

Super sharp
accurate color up
to 4K

The VB342+ uses high-quality sensors and multi-lens glass to produce the sharpest and most accurate color ever.

Super sharp accurate color

120° wide angle

The VB342+ has the widest possible field of view, which is perfect for huddle rooms where attendees are positioned closer to the lens.

No image distortion Distortion
No distortion

120° wide angle distortion

The VB342+ has the widest possible field of view with zero distortion. Perfect for huddle rooms where attendees are closer to the lens.

No image distortion


No image distortion


Automatically frame people based on facial detection and optimize
color and light for human faces with a single click.

Get your VB342+ All-in-One soundbar

Modern huddle rooms and small office spaces require simple plug-and-play AV Solutions. AVer’s all-in-one VB342+ delivers a 120° wide angle FOV, powerful stereo sound, and easy plug-and-play installation.- Chris DeNovellis, Hardware Partner Manager for Zoom

The VB342 All-in-one conference cameras are quickly becoming the standard for our Zoom Rooms. With a single USB cable connecting the camera, microphone and sound bar to the Zoom computer, installation of new Zoom Rooms happen in a breeze. The audio quality of the integrated sound bar exceeds our expectations and the microphones pick up even the softest and farthest speakers in a 10-person conference room while eliminating echo and reverberant sound. With it's motorized pan-tilt camera and stylish design, the VB342 has outdone all competition.- Raina Joseph, Conde Nast

The VB342 has better sound than most stand alone speakerphones. Finally, an all in one unit which delivered superb sound and stunning video in Zoom Rooms to be our go to Huddle Room all in one solution. Once again, Aver knocks it out of the park with their new all in one bundle for price and performance of a huddle room system. Aver has raised the bar for huddle room sound and video quality with the VB342 for Zoom Rooms.- Ryan Pinke, VideoConferenceGear.com

The soundbar form factor really hits a sweet spot for huddle room video conferencing. It provides users with a very unobtrusive and comfortable meeting experience, while offering AV/IT teams an easily managed solution.
The AVer VB342 soundbar may be unique in offering motorized pan/tilt on its already wide FOV camera to cover almost any shaped meeting space.- David Maldow, CEO and Lead Analyst at Let’s Do Video

The growing number of huddle room spaces calls for a unique USB peripheral that offers simple installation with a streamlined look, professional quality, and easy plug-and-play installation. AVer’s VB342 soundbar solves all of the above, and delivers powerful stereo sound, along with the widest camera coverage (165 degrees including the motorized pan/tilt) of any competing soundbar solution.- Eric Yu, Hardware Partnerships, Zoom

AVer’s CAM 340 and CAM 520 already provide exceptionally high-quality video with Zoom Rooms in a variety of room types. AVer's new VB342 all-in-one camera + audio follows the same high-quality standard, but through its all-in-one design allows a simple plug-and-play setup for Zoom Rooms. We believe this combination will allow our Zoom Rooms customers to enjoy a superior huddle room experience that works right out of the box.- Oded Gal, Head of Product Management for Zoom

Unrivaled warranty

3 year warranty

With the industry's ONLY 3 Year Warranty with 1st Year Advanced Replacement*, the VB342+ All-in-One soundbar includes an unrivaled Advanced Replacement Program, offering a 72 hour product replacement during the first year of ownership.
*Available for Continental USA/Alaska/Hawaii only

Replacement within 72 hours

If your camera is not performing during the first year, a phone call will have a replacement unit sent to you within 72 hours. This, combined with a 3 Year warranty, ensures total protection and peace of mind for years to come, at no additional cost.

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