Video Conference Customers

The VB342 All-in-one conference cameras are quickly becoming the standard for our Zoom Rooms. With a single USB cable connecting the camera, microphone and sound bar to the Zoom computer, installation of new Zoom Rooms happen in a breeze. The audio quality of the integrated sound bar exceeds our expectations and the microphones pick up even the softest and farthest speakers in a 10-person conference room while eliminating echo and reverberant sound. With it's motorized pan-tilt camera and stylish design, the VB342 has outdone all competition.

- RAINA JOSEPH, Conde Nast.
Specialized Zoom Room with CAM520 Camera

K-12 Education Customers

REMC SAVE has worked with AVer for over fifteen years. We started with the AVer Presentation Stands (now known as Document Cameras). Over the years, we have grown with AVer to include charging carts, video conferencing and interactive panels. Aver always puts customers first. Whenever there is a customer with an issue, they resolve it quickly with very few questions, usually by shipping a replacement overnight. Our teachers count on the quality of AVer products to be reliable for their classrooms. Michigan teachers continue to be impressed.

AVer products are high quality with excellent support and training. There are many video tutorials available and, when needed, product support will hop on a call with the customer to educate them. AVer is responsive to customer needs and listens to make improvements in their products. AVer is innovative and always looking to improve products, service and education.

- Nancy Corner - REMC SAVE Bid Project Director
Enhanced Learning - AVer CP Series

Pro AV Customers

I love using AVer auto tracking cameras to track professors and archive their lectures with Zoom software. The cameras provide a set it and forget it functionality that allows us to put them in a lecture room and have them follow around our active presenters autonomously.

- DAREN NOE - Audiovisual Engineering Manager, Washington State University
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