Serve Patients Remotely with the Best Video Experience

Patients limited to remote consultations still deserve the best experiences. AVer has a lineup of revolutionary auto-tracking and high-quality PTZ live streaming cameras to deliver the vivid clarity you need for your Telehealth sessions. Stream your virtual patient visits with ease and reliability. AVer auto tracking and PTZ cameras can integrate to major control systems to provide the best options to stream content and manage your equipment.
Distance Learning

Catch Every Detail When Teaching Medical Procedures

Our lineup of Pro AV cameras are fully compatible with all popular video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams to connect and live stream medical training with crystal clear video while having the ability to record and save your lessons for later reference. AVer cameras also support enterprise and higher education video platforms such as Echo360, Kaltura or Panopto to readily store and search your videos. Most models are SRT Ready and select cameras support the NDI/HX protocol. PTZ models have up to 30X optical zoom and are available in white to blend in with your other medical equipment..

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Visit our support section for helpful guides and how-to videos to stream telehealth sessions or medical training using AVer Auto Tracking and PTZ Live Streaming cameras.

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