What’s New in AVer Pro AV?

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June 29, 2022

Select AVer cameras are now upgradable with NDI|HX.

Good News! Select AVer cameras are now upgradable with NDI|HX by purchasing the required key from the NDI Store. The following cameras are supported:

  • TR311HWV2
  • TR313V2
  • TR323NV2
  • TR333V2

Make sure the cameras are upgraded with the latest firmware.

You can purchase the key over at this link: https://www.ndi.tv/marketplace/?ndi-camera-licenses


We are working on future firmware upgrades that would also enable the following cameras to be upgradable to NDI.

  • PTZ310/W
  • PTZ330/W
  • TR311
  • TR311HN
  • TR313
  • TR331
  • TR333

Tentative schedule for these cameras is slated around mid to end of July 2022. Stay tuned!

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