Take Total Control and Management of Your PTZ Cameras!

PTZ Management is free software from AVer that allows AV managers, IT administrators and power users total control of AVer Pro AV camera functions from any PC operating Windows 10. PTZ Management allows simultaneous control of up to 256 cameras, providing a simple but scalable system versus more expensive control systems. Operators can fully control AVer PTZ cameras with a user-friendly interface that allows one to toggle between cameras, adjust positions, speed, zoom, activate presets and auto tracking modes.

Cameras Control
PTZ Management PTZ Management
Take control

Control by Dashboard

Each camera can be easily controlled from the dashboard, with a clean user interface. With a simple click you can adjust the viewing angle, zoom in on your target or move to a preset shoot zone. You can also activate auto tracking modes and click to track functions on your auto tracking models.


Remote Management and Settings

The remote management of the PTZ cameras is also a timesaver as it extends to editing settings and upgrading firmware across 256 cameras at once which makes things easy for AV managers. The scalability also supports up to 100 different users with Admin and User type credentials. The software provides complete visibility of PTZ cameras and IP addresses on the network with a quick auto search feature. The Factory Reset function can rapidly handle emergencies — with a simple click. The PTZ Management Software is compatible with all current AVer PTZ and Auto Tracking models.

Remote control

System Requirements

Supported Devices Windows® PC & laptop (Windows® 10 or 11)
System requirements for Windows® PC/laptop
  • PC & laptop
  • Intel® Core i5 or later
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 10 GB free disk space for installation
  • 100/1000 Mbps network card
Camera Compatibility
  • TR310/TR311/TR311HN/TR313/TR331/TR333 V0.0.0000.16 or above
  • PTC500S/TR530/TR320 V0.0.1000.45 or above
  • PTZ310(W)/PTZ310N/PTZ330(W)/PTZ330N V0.0.0000.56 or above
  • DL30 V7.0.0010.13 or above
  • TR313V2 V0.1.0000.18 or above
  • TR333V2 V0.1.0000.19 or above (Estimated Mid Feb 2022 Release Date)
  • CAM550/CAM570

To download, visit support here.

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