We are honored to be named as one of the Top Workplaces by The Bay Area News Group for 2017. The Bay Area News Group recognizes the top 100 companies in the Bay Area solely based on surveys completed by their employees. We're proud to have been highly rated by our employees who know our work environment best and have acknowledged us for this valued award. "Winning Top Workplaces by The Bay Area News Group is an esteemed award that is credited to the members of the AVer team who have created this culture of teamwork, innovation and passion." says President Arthur Pait.

AVer is committed to maintaining fundamental elements that build a strong company. That consists of providing a work-life balance for our employees, gender equality within our company, providing outstanding customer service and giving back to our communities.

Creating a work life balance is an important element in order to maintain a healthy working environment that allows our employees to ensure four essential aspects of life which includes balancing work, family, friends and self. AVer believes it’s important for our employees to preserve a healthy sense of balance for a productive workforce. Prioritizing work-life balance is a fundamental element that makes up an integral part of our company culture.

AVer believes strongly in gender equality. This means aiming to conduct management meetings with 50 percent women and men when discussing and making important company decisions. We are committed to reaching our goal of maintaining an employee count of 50 percent equal. For AVer, gender equality means including various points of views and solutions so that requests of women and men are both considered and valued equally. Gender equality also means having a commitment to pay equality, something AVer also strives to address for each employee.

“Taking Care of our Customers and Employees.”

As a leading manufacturer of Educational Technology and Video Conferencing equipment, we must first take care of our customers and our employees. We commit ourselves to deliver innovative products that make a difference for our customers in the way students are educated and the way businesses communicate. Our passion doesn't end with the products we sell but continues with rewarding opportunities for our employees to volunteer in our local communities. Our Corporate Citizens program inspires us to give back. We collaborate, we promote fun, creativity and we value every employee as a key contributor to the success of AVer.

Our ongoing commitment is to provide a great place to work and our objective is to do what it takes to keep our people happy! We strongly believe a great work place is the foundation for success and exceptional customer service starts at home with our employees. For AVer, our employees and our customers are equally important. We aim to inspire our employees to think outside the box to serve our customers with their growing needs. Our competitive benefits package, amazing events, Community Corporate Citizens programs, monthly employee recognition programs and family-centric atmosphere are all elements of what sets AVer apart and makes us such a wonderful place to work.

AVer encompasses six core values based on honesty, integrity, teamwork, passion, innovation and customer service while living by the motto of "taking care of our employees”. Our team is made up of people who exemplify these important core values that define AVer. Our core values are also an integral part of what makes AVer so successful along with our commitment to achieve gender equality and work-life balance.

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